Confident Clients. Confident Artists. Confident Beauty.

eliminating the guess work

We eliminate the guess work for our clients. We have developed a platform that enhances communication and places emphasis on honesty and artistry. When a client books a NexxChair Makeup Professional, the client can expect the NexxChair standard of quality beauty service.

Enhancing experiences with technology

We live in a technology driven world. But part of the magic of beauty is the connection and shared experience. We have worked to create an environment that enhances the experience of beauty delivery through the use of technology, while maintaining the personal essence of beauty service.


The NexxChair Beauty team consist of a cross functional group of designers, developers, marketers and artists. The group has been working together since the Fall of 2016, in Atlanta. NexxChair Beauty was accepted into the Georgia Tech Create-X start up accelerator in 2017. The team strives to create a space that doesn't exist in the beauty world. One that is consistent, high quality, inclusive and innovate. 


atlanta, Georgia



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